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  1. Body is washed with warm water and your choice of 4 different types of soap (black olive soap w/ aloe, lemon turmeric, grinded flower seeds, fresh lavender, herbal soap)

  2. 10-minute steam to open up your pores and to help the detoxification of your skin 

  3. Body Scrub exfoliation to get rid of all the dead skin using a kesse (Moroccan peeling gloves)

  4. A Moroccan clay from the heart of the desert with homemade rosewater is then applied to your body to nourish your body while helping to keep your skin looking young and healthy

  5. After washing the clay off, your body is then soaked with an organic Turkish soap 

  6. Your body is then rinsed and dried off. You are given a body massage with argon oil

  7. After services are completed you are welcomed to the relaxing room to enjoy your complimentary Moroccan drink

All services include the following:

Disposable bra and underwear

Towel, Robe, and Slippers 

Own Locker

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